Love the Fourth of July, you Americans really know how to do it up!  I love how patriotic proud, and supportive you are of your country.  And it definitely shines through when you celebrate this special day.  Red, white, and blue, stars and stripes galore - festive and beautiful.  And this is where it all begins, the invitations.  Here are a few if my favourites I've come across in my research.

Saw these too and couldn't help but to add them to my list of favourites as well.

Just like invitations, there have been so many great party decorating ideas.  A  website that I've come across quite a bit is Between Naps On the Porch - they have such cozy welcoming tablescapes.  For Fourth of July, they have incorporated the stars and stripes numerous times without overdoing it.  Simple red and white plates, with a bit more attention to detail in the napkins.  Love the patriotic pinwheel centrepiece and striped ribbon around the vase.  Also, the star confetti is subtle with a nice bit of shine.  And the best part are the mini lawn chairs put on each guests plate with a cupcake sitting on top.  This table oozes pure relaxtion, incorporating comfy outdoor furniture (lawn chairs), to casual drinks (mason jars and soda bottles), to the feel of a summers breeze (pinwheels).

This particular site also features another lovely tablescape.  American flag plates with simpler plain red napkins this time around, and cute little bunting napkin rings.  Red, blue, and clear glasses are used for a more formal look, rather than the casual look of the soda bottles and mason jars in the photo above.  The red lantern centrepiece with striped ribbon gives a calming ambiance.

Elegant china and glassware, and festive Uncle Sam hats - this is one classy party!  The fireworks centrepiece is very appropriate and super fun.  It's a true all-American Fourth of July bash, and it's explosive!

Bring the party outdoors and keep it real simple.  Use the American flag as your tablecloth, red and blue plastic cups and plates, white napkins (with striped ribbon and star napkin rings), flowers and mini flags in a vase.  It's easy to prepare, and extremely cost-effective.

More perfection from Between Naps On the Porch.  Her designs are like a breath of fresh air.  Sunflowers and medium-sized American flags are the centre of attention - powerful and patriotic, with a touch of golden sun.    

The fireworks favors, adorned with the flag and eagle, on the plates is eye-catching - your guests will be impressed .

Patio lanterns in red, white and blue, and ones decorated with stars are fun, and light up the night sky when it begins to get dark.  I think lighting really sets the mood so anything - lanterns, candles, torches - are what make me happy, and make me want to party all through the night.

I like the blue and white gingham tablecloth atop a solid red one.  It's got the picnic feel, but with a little more flair (especially the larger squares).  Red plates and glasses, and blue napkins embellished with stars, with additional flag napkins bring both formal and informal elements to the party.  The centrepiece is truly the pièce de résistance - Uncle Sam surrounded by American flags and wooden stars - historical and captivating.

I would love to live out in the country - so peaceful and relaxing.  And if I had a Fourth of July party, it would look like the one above.  Simple and rustic, the table would have subtle hints of red, white, and blue, and focus more on the American flag, the only patriotic decoration you really need for this special occasion.

Woohoo!  Party City has it goin' on!  I love the decorations, all of them.  They don't look cheap or poor quality. I would totally decorate like this for Fourth of July - it looks fun, and would get all your party guests in the spirit.

These are some napkins I found in my search for Fourth of July tablescapes.  The first one is my favourite - it's simple but sylish - there are the stars and stripes and a little bit of USA bling to tie it up - very cool.

The next one is more traditional, red and white napkins with napkin rings resembling bunting or a prize ribbon.  It's very patriotic and looks like the Uncle Sam era - I like it, it screams America.

The gingham napkins are so cool and casual, I love the idea for a backyard barbecue Fourth of July party. You can dress them up with napkin rings or stick them in mason jars with cutlery.

Ah, choosing the plates or china, and deciding on how to decorate them.  This is very important - when your guests are seated, this is the first thing they will see, it's right under their noses.  

Round, square, triangular, oval, it doesn't matter which shape plate you use, just choose to decorate around them wisely.  The star-spangled napkins, wrapped in a striped "belt" is awesome!  I've never come across this look - it's like a Fourth of July party dress, but napkin-sized.  Love the red gingham placemat too! 

Star-patterned plates are fun and appropriate for the occasion.  And I just love the brilliant and unique idea of the American flag fan.  It can get quite hot and sticky on some parts of the states, so this is a wise and classy choice for your guests - I'm sure they will be talking about this one for years to come.

This plate display comes from Between Naps On the Porch (the tablescape is featured at the top of this page).  I love these plates and her homemade napkin ring.  It reminds me, again, of the Uncle Sam era or the time when America first came to be.  A classic look with a patriotic feel, this is my favourite, two thumbs up! Oh, and I love the stars and stripes ribbon tied around the wine glass stem, cute touch!

Can't go wrong with crackers.  Make your own by wrapping a napkin around a paper towel roll (cut to desired size) - don't forget to put a prize in the middle before closing it up.  Tie it up with striped ribbon and print out a free Fourth of July printable label to go around the cracker - type or write the guests name on it.

Centrepieces can be simple or extravagant.  The first one is cute - plants in a tin can vase.  Wrap the can in stars or stripes fabric, or tie a ribbon around them.  Stick an American flag and there you have it - homemade and beautiful.  Your guests will compliment you, for sure, so surprise them at the end of your party - tell them you made one for each of them to send home.  

The flag pinwheel centrepiece gives off a fun, summery, child-like feel - it's my favourite centrepiece idea.  I can't say it enough, Susan at Between Naps On the Porch is amazing.  Her designs, in my opinion, are the best on the net - you go girl!

The red, white, and blue layers of sand look very pretty and bold in the tall cylindrical vase.  And you gotta top it off with the American flags - sophisticated and fun.  Instead of sand, use coloured rice in vases with candles or flags placed inside.

These are a few more of my favourites - homemade felt flowers and ribbon, pinwheels in pots with flowers, more cool sand-filled vases with flags and flowers, and diy paper flowers in bottles with ribbon - all are unique and patriotic.

I simply adored the wooden decor I encountered when finding party images for Fourth of July.  If you can get your hands on these stunning pieces of work, purchase them and display them for your party.


I came across a lot of wreaths in my research for Fourth of July.  I hadn't seen any when doing my Canada Day page - I only really see them at Christmas - so when I stumbled upon them I was captivated.  They are all so gorgeous and really make your home feel welcoming and festive.  These are my favourites, but I especially like the second one down (bottom left).  I think I'll need to make one for myself for Canada Day!




Buy your 4th of July Party Supplies Here!

Buy your 4th of July Party Supplies Here!