Bake some maple leaf sugar cookies and serve them at your Canada Day party.  Martha Stewart has a delicious recipe.  Decorate with red and white icing (go to allrecipes to make your own icing), and add some maple leaf sprinkles.  

Here are more cookie ideas I came across on the net: cookie pops, strawberry jelly filled cookies, sparkly sprinkles, and decadent white chocolate with strawberry drizzle - oh, I love this holiday!

The strawberry shortcake popsicles seen in image 1, look absolutely delectable!  They're perfect little treats for kids and adults alike, and are a great way to cool down for this especially hot occasion.  Image 4 (strawberry-vanilla yogurt pops) uses the same concept - a low fat, low calorie savory popsicle.

Cake pops have been the biggest trend in the past few years, even more popular than the cupcake craze.  That's why it's great to serve them for your Canada Day party.  Make your own cake pops by purchasing thebabycakes cake pop maker, it's only $25 and you can tell all your guests you made them yourself!

Love the little sugar cube igloo idea in image 1.  You can also do this with cheese cubes and serve them with maple leaf crackers.

Nothing screams Canada like the great Canadian beaver (see image 2).  These cupcakes are adorable - perfect for the little ones at your Canada Day party.  

Striped Jell-O cubes are festive and are sure to be a favourite among all your guests.  Not as rich as the other desserts, the young and old will dive into this one.

Rice Krispies squares shaped as Canadian flags and decorated with red icing - brilliant!  This is a cute patriotic treat that the kids will definitely want to sink their teeth into (see image 4).


Here we are in strawberry heaven.  Strawberry incorporated into your dessert is sublime.

The maple-strawberry cream cake looks like it would be a hit at your Canada Day party.  Maple syrup, fresh whipped cream, and strawberries - how can you go wrong?

Strawberries delicately dipped in white chocolate and drizzled in pure milk chocolate - need I say more?

Strawberry shortcake trifle - now this is one of the most eye-catching images I have come across in my research for Canada Day dessert ideas.  Something about it makes me want to claw at the computer monitor and eat it right now!!!    

Serve mousse, trifle, Jell-O, jam, yogurt, and other yummy desserts in dainty cups and decorate using free printables you can find anywhere on the Internet.

Canada cakes galore!  These are my absolute favourites.  Each one is unique in its own way - it definitely shows your support for your country.  Personally, I love the look of fondant but not the flavour so I am more partial to the Kraft Canadian flag cake (image 3) - not to mention, I adore fresh strawberries and Cool Whip!!!

Here are some of my favourite cupcake images.  I can't wait to make these for Canada Day!

I know, I know, there is a Christmas cake in my collage but I am not crazy.  I am completely aware that Canada Day is in July, but why not celebrate Christmas in July with this Canada Day Christmas devils chocolate cake with cream cheese frosting?  It's got the right colour scheme and it oozes everything Canada.

Throw some maple flavoured desserts into the mix.  We have plenty of it here in Canada so we might as well use it to the max!

I simply adore the printable cupcake wrappers in image 3 - it's a must for a Canada Day celebration.