Send out fun and enticing Canada Day party invitations.  Try invites with maple leaves, moose, beavers, provincial flowers, Mounties, or a map of Canada (put a star in the city your party is taking place).  A unique idea is to roll invitations inside mini paper flags, or write directly on the mini paper flags.  Throw some confetti into the envelope before sealing your flag invite.  If you don't want to  send out formal invitations, just send an email with directions, or give your guests a call.

Canada Day is a fun holiday to decorate for - I especially love red and white together.  Remember when Kate Middleton was visiting Canada and wore that beautiful white dress with the red hat adorned with maple leaves?  The pure white and bold red were extremely eye appealing - that's how I feel about the decor when planning for a Canada Day party.  

I chose image 1 first because it's one of my favourites.  The alternating pattern of colour (red tablecloth, white placemats, red charger plates, white plates, and red plates), is visually enticing and elegant.  I also like that it's not too fancy - they didn't use their best china, just put some pretty little red and white flowers in a white vase, and incorporated lots of maple leaf decor.  

Image 2 is more of a barbecue or picnic Canada Day party.  We usually do this style in our family as it's July and super hot all we can think of is a quick barbecued meal so we can relax with a cool drink afterwards.

Images 2,3,4, and 5 use gingham (checkered red and white) tablecloths and napkins - perfect for a barbecue/picnic Canada Day celebration.  The twine wrapped around the napkins is a creative touch too - love it!  Centerpiece idea (image 2): red and white flowers with tons of small Canadian flags in the vase - very patriotic!

Another table decorating idea is to use red and white bandanas for place mats or napkins.  Tie red and white ribbons around the napkins with little maple leaf or Canada flag tags - write each guests name on the tags.  

You could also decorate with an outdoors or cottage theme.  Use leaves, branches, pine cones, small stones, and logs for decorating.  Place three birch candles (small, medium, and large) in the middle of the table as a centerpiece.   Use bamboo place mats.  Place flowers and lush greens in buckets or wooden boxes around the yard.


Decorate using plenty of red and white balloons - patriotic ones with maple leaves are a must as well.  You can even cluster a bunch of them to create a maple leaf or Canada flag, or a balloon banner.  

Another great centrepiece idea (image 2):  empty clear wine bottles and add red and white flowers - they used carnations here but roses or gerberas would be beautiful.  Finish off with a red and white ribbon tied around all the bottles.  

If you're not the decorating type or want to make things easier on yourself in terms of set-up and clean-up, just visit the Dollar Store or Party City (image 4) for all your tableware - there are lots of items to choose from - plates, cups, napkins, cutlery, serving trays/dishes, bowls, and table decorations like maple leaf/flag confetti.  

For shade, as well as for rain, set up tents (marquee tents for larger parties), canopies, or umbrellas.  It is important to have sunny and shaded areas so your party guests can choose where they feel more comfortable.  Setting up a tent for the kids is a good idea - they'll appreciate their own private "fort" where only they could play. 

Have a table set up with sunblock, hats, and bug spray, so that your guests are well protected from the sun and mosquitoes.  If you have some extra sunglasses lying around, put that out as well.

Now this is a beautiful table setting (image 1).  I believe this was for a Canada Day-themed wedding so that's why it's so fancy.  We can definitely incorporate this into a backyard party.  Decorate using large red and white patio lanterns (instead of just red like in the picture) and have them hanging above your table (from tree branches or an umbrella, if its possible) - if not, hang them from fences, decks, or eavestroughs.  

A white tablecloth with a red table runner, or vice versa, is eye-catching.  Dozens of red roses (in white vases) and white roses (in red vases), and red and white candles placed all along the table runner is tasteful and classic.

Place blankets, folding lawn chairs, Adirondack/Muskoka chairs, and wicker chairs around your yard.  Add cushions to create a cozy, relaxing atmosphere where your party guests can lounge around and chat with other guests

Decorate all around the outside of your home with Canadian flags and red and white banners/bunting.  This shows class and national loyalty.

There are so many diy tutorials and craft ideas for Canada Day.  The maple leaf lanterns/luminaries in image 1 are too cute and they look pretty simple to make.  Take a light-coloured, 8x10, piece of construction paper and draw a maple leaf in the centre.  Cut out the maple leaf.  Now cut a piece of tissue paper large enough to fit behind the maple leaf cut-out and glue it on the inside.  Roll your construction paper to form a cylinder and glue the ends together.  For the bottom, cut out a round circle (the diameter of the cylinder) from construction paper.  Take the bottom of the cylinder and fold just a bit of the ends around the circle cut-out.  If you want a handle, cut a long strip of construction paper (1 to 2 cm width and 5 to 10 cm length) and glue the ends to the top of the lantern, as seen in the image.  Use an artificial tealight candle.  Have these luminaries line your party area - they would look so beautiful if you expect to celebrate into the late hours.  Along with your luminaries, add candles along gardens, steps, and decks, and hanging from trees, - this will create a feeling of calm and serenity.  Your guests will feel comfortable and happy, and will instantly become more sociable. 

Image 3 shows a cute Canada flag with a heart in place of a maple leaf - clever idea.  Love the cute sunflowers too.  A floral arrangement using the flowers of the Canadian provinces is very appropriate for this occasion as well.  You can also opt to stick with Canada's colors and display red and white roses, carnations, gerberas, or petunias (this one's appropriate as it has both red and white in its petals).  Place them on your table as a centerpiece.  You can put them in a glass vase (like image 3), or something a little more rustic like a small galvanized bucket.  Use a ceramic dish or bowl filled with water and have the flowers floating - add some floating candles as it starts to get dark out.

The creator of the banner in image 4 (Simple As That blog) has a flair for decorating.  She used a plate as her stencil, and book pages, cardstock, and buttons to create the Canadian flag.  I love this craft, so quick and easy to create, and so impactful.

Set up an information billboard with a list of all the Canadian actors, actresses, singers, and inventions.  This is a great icebreaker and will get your guests chatting and mingling.

Make up a playlist of Canadian music.  It's not necessary to make all your music Canadian, but majority should be.  It is Canada Day after all!

Provide some festive party favours as your guests leave.  Make cake pops and cookies, popular treats that are quick and easy.  Finish off with cellophane and some pretty ribbon.