Remember what fireworks were like when we were young?  They've come a long way from the days of the burning school house.  Fireworks that are available to the general public nowadays are actually quite impressive and reasonably affordable.  Here are some tips for setting off the most impressive fireworks display.  

1.  Get as many people involved as possible (friends, neighbors, family).  More people pitching in, means             more fireworks.

2.  Lay your fireworks out in a row, on a table or on the ground, and spend some time organizing a firing                 order.  You can let your guests get involved in this part.  You want to start off with a fairly big bang to get
      your audiences attention. Then shoot off your 
smallest fireworks, gradually getting bigger and louder as
      you go.  Now, throw in your 
second most impressive firework and call that your pre grand finale.  After that
goes off, pause for about 10 seconds.  This will have everyone thinking that the show is 
      over but... you start back up with a few more small to medium fireworks.  Then, all at once, set off the big
      guns and this will be the grand finale that will make everyone's 
jaws drop.

3.  Get set up while it's still light out.  Set chairs/blankets out at a safe distance.  Line up all your fireworks in
      their proper firing order, set up, wicks out, and ready to ignite.

4.  This is a great idea: use a road flare to ignite the wicks, you can get a road flare at any automotive store
      and they are only about $5.  Road flares burn for about 20 minutes, 
which is plenty of time to light all your
      fire works, they give off a lot of light, and they 
add about a foot to your reach.  One more advantage to
      using the flare is it won't blow 
out with the wind and that is important for timing. 

5.  Be safe, have fun, and enjoy the show!!!

This is a video of one of our fireworks displays