Planning a princess party can be so exciting, especially if you're the mom of two little girls such as myself.  In my research, I came across these adorable invitations.  Castles, crowns, frogs, and princesses are all perfect for this royal party.  Remember to send out your invitations 3 to 4 weeks prior.

Party Preparation

You can get your creative juices flowing when decorating for a princess party outdoors.  The Dollar Store and Martha Stewart have everything you need to keep it fancy yet affordable.  To create delicate pompoms all you need is tissue paper, 24-gauge white cloth-covered floral wire, and scissors.  Click here for Martha's tutorial.

For a softer, more elegant look, try tulle pompoms.  Rachael Rabbit describes, in detail, a great step-by-step DIY tutorial on creating these lovely masterpieces.  

If you're not the creative type or are running out of time, instead of using tissue paper, purchase paper flowers (see photo 1) from the Dollar Store.  The rest is quick and easy - just use a foam ball, fasten the ribbon, and glue flowers around it.

Another great decorating idea is one I did for my little girl's party.  We draped a garland of patterned and message flags all around the party area using free printables from the internet.  There are many websites that offer printables - a favourite of mine is www.catchmyparty.com, and for a small fee there is www.birdsparty.com .  We also hung pretty pink and purple ribbons from tree branches, and gently placed polka dot balloons in trees.

For a unique and classy look, decorate your party area with furniture like tables, desks, bookshelves, and chairs.  This cozy atmosphere brings the comforts of home right in your own backyard.  
Decorate the tops of tables or shelves with your little princess' favourite things, maybe even some small toys from her bedroom that remind everyone of her.  
On the top shelf, add a vase filled with pretty flowers, and a picture frame with your daughters picture, or a welcome card in the frame, "Welcome to Princess Sophia's 5th Birthday Party."  
On one of the shelves arrange the goody bags on a pretty floral plate or bowl, or on a princess bed! (see photo 1).  
Another creative idea: arrange a variety of tutus on a clothes rack for each of the little princesses to wear. Crowns, wands, boas, princess shoes, jewellery, and make-up can be organized neatly on a shelf for the girls to use and take home after the party.

Use balloons to create shapes like pretty flowers (see photo 1), stars, crowns, castles, etc.  Cover the entire walls with balloons and drape pretty curtains in soft pale hues like the ones shown in photos 1 and 2 - gorgeous!

I love the use of the antique table in photo 3 - it has a great country cozy feel.  This is definitely one of my favourite themes that I've come across in my research so far.  Dainty flowers and glass-covered desserts gives this party a regal ambience - love, love, love it!!!

I love the fairy tale concept of placing a blanket, bed, or mattress in a quiet corner of the yard.  Draping pretty fabrics or mosquito net around the bed to create a canopy, and having lots of soft fluffy pillows spread around, makes for a beautiful princess oasis.  Place pretty little delicate flowers or flower petals around the princess slumber area, as well as princess story books (Cinderella, Sleeping Beauty, Beauty and the Beast, Princess and the Pea, Snow White - to name a few).

Decorating the table for a party is my creative outlet.  Picture this, when you walk into a room (or yard), you first notice all the decorations, of course, but is it not the table that tends to catch your eye the most?  It is for me.  I suppose its the symmetry and look of organization that I desire most.  

The photos above show this perfect symmetry, as well as class, elegance, and beauty.  I absolutely love the use of feather-covered charger plates and drink slips - such a soft and feminine look.  Gorgeous diamond encrusted napkin holders and fanned out napkins resemble crowns.  

Whenever I can, I like to use flowers to decorate for little girls' parties.  Tulips, miniature roses, hyacinths, verbena hybrida, gypsophila, claw crysanthemums, daisies, and brightly-coloured gerberas.  Including items of nature in a party, especially one that is outdoors, is a wise decorating tool.  Another nature-inspired decor idea: branches placed in vases or pots, adorned with strings of jewels.

Rent a tent and have it set up above the eating and play areas, making it look fancy and  princess-like.  These rental places may also offer other decorating items, like the chandeliers seen in photo 4 - you'll feel like you really are having dinner at the princesses castle!  

Check out the centrepiece in photo 1 - a crown on a pedestal adorned with soft pink roses and babies breath - now that screams princess party!   If you could find any sort of princess party props (try www.shindigz.com), it would make your party feel more authentic - the kids will feel as though they are truly attending a real princesses party.  

Try some DIY decorating.  Glue jewels to cutlery, iron-on embellishments on napkins, and make your own centrepiece, like the one seen in photo 4, a princess hat, decorated using ribbon, flowers and a printable hat template - so simple without spending too much.  


Four words.  Keep the food simple.  Kids love simple sandwiches.  Make traditional peanut butter and jelly, cream cheese and jam, egg or tuna salad, cold cuts, etc.  To create majestic shapes, use princess, crown, wand, castle, or heart cookie cutters.  Add some salad, fruit, muffins, croissants, or mini pizzas to the mix.  


Serve pink lemonade garnished with lemon wedges, fruit juices, Kool-Aid, milk (with a touch of red food colouring to make it pink, if you like), chocolate milk, and milkshakes (strawberry if you are doing a pink theme).  In keeping with your theme, add printable labels to water bottles, cups, sippy cups, and mason jars.     


Serve treats like popcorn, jellybeans, and princess themed cookies (crowns, shoes, dresses, wands, and castles). Photo 2 is pretty unique: oreo cookies dipped in candy melts/melting chocolate, then have it personalized by putting the age, initial, or name of the birthday girl.

Photo 1 incorporates the the look of royal dishes, and if you're thinking that would be too expensive of a purchase, the Dollar Store has a great selection.  Fill them up with confectionery mint drops, or make your own princess chocolates with candy melts and castle, princess, or crown molds (you can make them chocolate lollipops as well).  
The idea of wishing stars in photo 2 is too cute!  You can also stick coloured toothpicks to the ends of the stars to create princess wands.  Display them on your royal dishes.
Cookie cutters to cut out ice cream - brilliant idea!  


Ah, my favourite...the cake!  The first picture shows one that was made for us by a friend.  She did an amazing job.  The detail was spectacular - she included tiny little birds, ivy and flowers growing all around the castle walls, grass, a stone walkway, and a flag and banner (age and name).

Castles are a great idea but princess, crown, and carriages are fun too.  Photo 2 is very posh - its adorned with roses, dress layers, a crown, and a pearl necklace.  There are so many ideas to explore over the internet.  Just pick your favourite and have a baker create it for you - or try it yourself! 


For an outdoor princess party, there are all sorts of activities and games for children to participate in.  Take pin the tail on the donkey, and put a different spin on it...pin the crown on the princess!  

Hoola Hoop Princess is a great way for the kids to get some exercise and work up and appetite.  And the challenge is trying to hoola as long as you can in a princess costume - very tricky!

Parachute Princess: the Dollar Store has some great Disney princess balls (small size) - just throw it in the middle of the chute and do the WAVE (up and down arm motion).  This was a favourite of mine as a kid and a favourite of any child I know today.  

Throw an activity instead of a game into the mix.  Decorate crowns, wands, castles, princesses, princes', frogs,  purses, masks, etc.  Below is a list of the things you can use:
Pom poms
Pipe cleaners
Pencil Crayons

Party Favors

Party favours (goody/loot bags) are fun to make and can be used as a decorating tool for your outdoor princess party.  Love the cookies in photo 1 - so creative with amazing detail.  They wrapped each cookie in cellophane and displayed them on a mini brass princess bed (see top of page [using tables and shelving] to view a more detailed picture of the cookies on the bed).

This is one of my favourites: photo 2 uses soft pastel colours for a more delicate, girly look.  Marshmallows and lollipops are dipped with tiny candy beads, wrapped in cellophane, and tied with pretty ribbons.  Candy jewellery is wrapped in dainty organza bags.     

Photo 3 uses decorative striped boxes and polka dot ribbon to wrap party favours, and I just adore how they've used them to create a  beautiful centrepiece.  You can also do this with the cellophane-wrapped cookies.  Just set up a 3-tiered tray in the middle of the table and place them neatly on each tier.  Another great idea: use a crown as a centrepiece - and place the cookies in the crown.

Use make-up (lip gloss, nail polish), hair accessories (hairbands, hair clips, brushes, combs, blow drier, straightener, curler), jewellery (earrings, rings, bracelets, necklaces, crowns), lotion, or little purses as party favours.  Little girls would love to take these special items home - more desirable than a treat, I think.  But you can always give a treat with an accessory ;)