Now this is the ultimate Super Bowl cake - it's giant for the Giants!  It's got it all - the football, the field, and the favoured team symbol and colours.  The fondant is a good choice - it makes the cake smooth, and perfect for creating sharp numbers and letters.  

A double chocolate or devils food cupcake, topped off with green grass frosting and plastic football rings - the kids at your party would love these, and they get to wear the famous Super Bowl ring!

Football chocolates and brownies are more delicious treat ideas to serve at Super Bowl.  Choose different football themed shapes if you don't just want to stick with footballs (i.e. helmets, players, referees, the field, etc.)

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Football player in helmet cupcakes and cupcakes topped with frosting and football cookies, are a couple of my favourite findings on the Internet.  There are so many creative and decorative treats, it's so hard to choose my #1, but these are on the top of my list.

I like this rectangular fondant cake, it's very simple and is not bias - it  shows you which Super Bowl it is, and the two teams competing - whoever wins, wins.  Patriotic as well, it shows the American colours and stars.  

The football cake sitting in grass is amazing!  I love the detail and hard work that this person put into it.  Cute idea too, putting it in a tangerine box, and labeling the Super Bowl - love it, I give it a 10 out of 10!

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Above are more cupcakes using green frosting for grass.  I just really like this idea because it reminds me most of football

Ok, I may be a bit bias here because this collage is my creation.  I made devils food chocolate cupcakes and frosted the top with footballs and white icing laces.  My Super Bowl party guests could not stop complimenting on them, and eating them, they were super delicious! 

A friend of ours brought these over - she has a friend that makes yummy cookies like these at - check them out, they're amazing aren't they?!

My husband and I made the Buffalo Bills cupcakes when we drove over to see a regular season game. I made the cupcake and he decorated with frosting.  He just printed out the NFL emblem and Bills symbols, and copied them onto the cupcake free-hand.    Pretty good, eh?


Burger cookies!  Love it!  Amazing detail on this special treat - they even added sesame seeds to the buns!  I think this will have your Super Bowl guests talking about this for years to come.

Cookies, cookies, and more cookies!  Can you tell I love the idea of serving cookies for dessert.  I guess it's because you can make it as detailed as you like - its an eye-catcher and belly-catcher, when I see these I just want to pick one up and eat it!  Footballs, helmets, player and referee jerseys, football fields, etc. - make them all!

This is an interesting and unique dessert idea for Super Bowl - peanut butter football dip.  All it is is peanut butter covered in chocolate sprinkles, surrounded by pretzels for dipping.  I've never seen this before but I will definitely try it, you don't have to twist my arm!

Cocoa Rice Krispie footballs - who would not want to eat one of these?  Nuff said.


I've seen chocolate-covered strawberries before, but these football ones are cute!  It's so simple too - just dip the chocolate and add the laces with white icing.

I know it's cold here in Canada at game time, but I can have ice cream any time of year.  Football ice cream sandwiches are delicious Super Bowl desserts to serve your friends.  This is my husbands favourite treat so I definitely need to make some this year too.

Dye popcorn the colours of your favoured team to win the Super Bowl.  You can also make the colours of  the opposing team in case your guests are not fans of your favourite.  Put them in football popcorn containers.  Very cool idea :)

Football cake pops are tasty little treats to serve for Super Bowl.  They're small and you don't have to cut into them and use a fork like you would with a slice of cake - sometimes we just want one or two bites, and this mini football cake pop is sure to satisfy your small craving ;)