Valentine's Day is all about the yummy sweets and treats.  So start thinking about what you can make for your Valentine's Day party.  There's so much to choose from - heart cakes; chocolaty cupcakes with heart and lips sprinkles, or candy messages with words like, 'Love, Be Mine, Valentine,' etc.; use cinnamon hearts to create x's and o's, hearts, and other Valentine-related images; top cupcakes off with heart cookies and icing.  Oh and there's much, much, much more..........

These dessert pictures are pure eye-candy - the sweets look amazing, perfect to display at your Valentine's Day party.  And so easy!  Simply take cookie sticks, biscuits, and Rice Krispie squares and have them dipped in white chocolate candy coating - finish off with Valentine sprinkles.

The cake may take a little more effort, especially the stunning fondant flowers, but you can do it!  But, if you truly are not a baker or don't have the time, just purchase the cake or make a simpler version.  

Cake pops, like cupcakes, are still more popular than ever for the average party planner.  They are pretty easy to make too - will show you just how easy it is.  

Chocolate cherry bark looks delicious!  I made some white chocolate candy cane bark for Christmas but I will have to try this one for Valentine's Day, I'll let you know how it turns out!

If chocolate-dipped brownies are wrong, I don't wannabe be right!  These treats are definite party pleasers!  Seconds anyone?

Kids will love Valentine m&m brown sugar blondies.  Serve them on a dessert table at your party, or package them in cellophane and a ribbon for party favours.

Get creative with cake pops - shape them into gift boxes, hot lips, or just simple sprinkles.  Hey, why not make 'em all!

Fruit for dessert?  Yes!  I never cared for anything fruity for dessert in the past, but as I got older, I gained an appreciation for the fusing of fresh sweet fruit and delectable chocolate or light fluffy whipped cream.  Strawberries dipped in chocolate is heavenly!  Strawberry and raspberry pie - sublime!  Raspberry mousse cake - blissful!  Strawberry and cream brownie pizza - I'm speechless!

Try adding a touch of romance with your treats: if you're making a Valentine parfait, serve it in champagne flutes; if you want chocolate at your party, use roses on a stick, and hand one to each person as they enter your home; make your guests mini cookie gift baskets; end the night off with a kiss, a Hershey's kiss, that is ;)

These are some goodies I came across in my research - they are all from the Australian website,  Velvet heart cake pops, chocolate heart tarts, strawberry love heart sponge cakes, and strawberry jam drops are just a few of the recipes they have to offer for Valentine's Day.  Check them out!

You can get so creative with cookies.  Make pretty hearts, lips, x's and o's, birds, etc.  Use glitter sprinkles/sanding sugar, candy beads, edible pearls, and icing decorations to create a 

Here are some more decorative cookies.  I just adore the elegant batch in the first picture - they look like cute little pillows.  The edible pearl-adorned pink heart cookie and heart roses cookie are my favourite.  Spread messages of love, or make a cookie for each guest by putting their names on it - people love things engraved, especially the kids.  Turn a cookie into a Valentine - these are super cool for this special occasion - make sure to prepare these for your Valentine's Day party.

And more cookies...
Wow, these are cool Valentine's Day card/envelope cookies!  I especially like the faint writing and the faux initial wax seal stamp.  Creative.  This is a winner.  

And even more cookies....

Most of the cookies stick with the red, pink, and white colour scheme, but I like the batch that adds a little bit of purple and blue to the mix.  There's nothing wrong with being a little different, a little innovative and unique.

Ok, this is the last cookie collage, I promise!

Ok so I lied, one more cookie picture.  These are adorable cookie versions of Sweethearts/conversation candies.  Use the same pastel shades and add your cute little messages of love.

Jell-O lips are ingenious!  I haven't come across this before - I think I'll make this for my Valentine's Day party, can't go wrong with Jell-O - so easy to prepare too!

Valentine Rice Krispie hearts can be served at your party, or you can have them wrapped up in cellophane and string to send home as party favours.  I like the pink one!