There are so many different Valentine's Day crafts and activities to choose from when you're perusing the Internet for ideas.  This particular one caught my eye right away - it consists of small wooden hearts (which you can get at any craft store, especially around Valentine's Day), and some red and pink yarn.  All you do is wrap the yarn around the piece of wood as many times as you like, and hot glue them onto canvas - simple, yet so eye appealing.

Use long pieces of red, pink, and white-patterned fabric to create decorative pompoms, centrepieces, or flower bouquets - have them displayed around your home for your Valentine's Day party.  Try gluing different shades and patterns of red and pink buttons onto styrofoam balls and place them in a large ornamental bowl.  This could be your centrepiece.  You can even add in some of those yarn hearts into your bowl.

Martha Stewart comes up with another brilliant craft idea, Crayon Hearts!  All you need are a few materials: wax paper, wax crayons, handheld pencil sharpener, Kraft paper, iron, pencil, scissors, and silk thread.  Follow her basic steps to create this quick and easy hanging heart decoration - the end result is exquisite!. Here is someone's (weaselpuff's) additional advice for this craft:
"Since I didn't have an iron, I tried shading in the wax paper and what I got was the ghost of crayons past. Then I got an ingenious idea.  What I did was put a folded piece of wax paper on the side of a plugged in hot glue gun.  Then I set the piece of wax paper I wanted to color on top of that, and started coloring.  As I colored, the crayon started melting, creating a stained glass effect.  Then all I had to do was cut out heart shapes.  I hope this helps somebody.  Please tell me how it turns out!"

Make your own Valentine's Day picture in a frame.  Head over to your craft store and try to find some mini card stock hearts, flowers, lips, cupids, etc.  Take a white 8X10 piece of white card stock (or whatever the size your frame is), and make up a design.  In this case, they chose to make a rainbow out of flowers, but you choose whatever you like - maybe even something that means something to the both of you.  Include a little message like, "Be happy" or "Don't forget to smell the roses."

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Martha Stewart

There are many people out there who choose to propose to their significant other on Valentine's Day - so why not make it creative.  I came across this cute idea on the Internet and just had to share it.  It's a Valentine's card, and on it, is a decorative garland hanging from a string - in the centre of one of the garland pieces is a ring tied with a pretty ribbon.  So when your partner is opening the envelope, they just think they're getting a Valentine's card, but in actuality they're getting an engagement ring.  

Show the love of your life how you feel by making your own gifts or cards - they'll see how much heart you put into this project, and in turn, into them.  Visit the Dollar Store or craft store to pick up various decorating materials like card stock, stickers, stamps, glitter, etc. and design your own Valentine's card.  Make it a pop up card, so that when they open it, a heart pops out at them, or Cupid comes shooting out with his arrow.  

Instead of going to a floral shop and spending at least $60 on flowers, hand-pick some of your own, pretty but less expensive, stems.  From a craft store, buy thick ribbon and wrap it around your bunch.  Make a big beautiful bow to tie it off.

Here is another picture frame craft - it's really cute and creative.  Cut out a bunch of hearts from red card stock and fold each heart in half.  Glue the hearts onto a white piece of card stock (to fit your frame).  Glue each one in different ways - glue only the right side of your folded heart so that the other half flaps open, and vice versa.  Or just glue some entirely open to form the whole heart.  Lastly, choose one heart to be a different colour and write a message or a name in it.

Make cute crafts with your kids like these.  Cut out some hearts of different colours from foam sheets, or purchase them already heart-shaped at the Dollar store.  Now make an animal, like a bird, elephant, cat, dog, or fish.  Remember to only use hearts to shape the entire animal.

Bring out the paints to make this beautiful heart tree.  Each leaf is actually a heart, which when formed together creates the large heart shape.  As soon as I saw it, I fell in love - I would love for someone to make this for me for Valentine's Day!

Have your kids participate in this quick and easy craft.  All they have to do is cut out little hearts from red and pink card stock.  Hole punch the hearts, one on either side, and have them weave a long piece of string through the hearts to create a beautiful Valentine garland.  Hang it up for your Valentine's Day party.

I just love candle crafts.  This one is always a favourite of mine.  Purchase a glass container - again, they have tons of different styles at the Dollar Store - or find an empty jar in your kitchen (baby food jar would do for smaller candles, pickle jar for larger ones).  Next, get some red, pink, purple, and white tissue paper and cut out heart shapes or other Valentine images.  Glue the tissue paper onto the glass - make sure to cover the whole surface!  Place an artificial candle in there, and voila!

Use paper bags as decorative lighting for your Valentine's Day party.  Simply draw little hearts or other Valentine shapes onto a paper bag and cut the shape out.  If you have a heart punch, that would be even easier.  Just punch out a bunch of hearts, open up the bag, and place an artificial candle inside.  Display several of them outside, going up your driveway, or on your balcony.

You can also do something a little different, like decorate outside the candle and candle container.  Simply put a candle in a glass container and, out of card stock, make a box that surrounds the glass.  Leave the top and bottom of the box open.  Cut or punch out letters or Valentine symbols in the box.  When your candle is lit up, the light will poor through the letters/symbols.  You can even cover the punched out letters or symbols with tissue paper for another beautiful effect.  Give them out as favours at the end of your Valentine's Day party.

More cute and crafty activities for the kids - and they're perfect little gifts to attach to Valentine's when exchanging at school.  

Make a bookmark out of solid or patterned reds, pinks, purples, and whites (for traditional Valentine's colours), or whatever colours you and your kids desire.  Cut out a large heart and a smaller one (to fit inside the larger).  Next, glue just the top half of the smaller heart onto the larger one.  Yup, that's it - it's ready to attach to your papers.

This is unique.  Go to Home Depot and grab a bunch of paint chips - reds, pinks, and purples are ideal - or if you want, blues and greens for the boys.  Purchase a heart punch from the Dollar Store or craft store and punch out hearts on each colour.  Add a ribbon at the top.  This makes a lovely bookmark for the kids to enjoy at school.

Pencil flags are very simple.  Just cut out the shape of a flag - you should end up with 4 pointed sides.  Now all you do is fold the flag in half so that two pointed sides meet the other two.  Glue them together, leaving a bit of space in the middle for the pencil to slide through.

Another fun DIY craft: stitched heart bookmarks.  All you need is felt, white embroidery thread, paperclips, hot glue gun, scissors and a fabric marking pen.  Check out the tutorial.

These are fun hanging heart decorations and heart garland to create for your Valentine's Day party.  Just use strips of card stock, and tape, glue, or staple together the pieces to create heart shapes.  The pictures are self-explanatory, not difficult at all.  These simple little decorations really set the mood for your couples get-together.

Lollipops are a popular treat to give away for Valentine's Day, but don't just send them off as is, get creative!  Take a picture of your son or daughter, holding a large white tube (use wrapping paper tubes and cover them in white construction paper).  Now, when you develop or print out the photo, use a hole punch to make a hole at the top of the tube they're holding.  Poke a lollipop through the hole.  This creates the effect of your child holding a huge lollipop, its quite funny and cute!

Make a butterfly, owl, elephant, bee, ladybug, or whatever animal or insect you want out of card  stock.  Fold it in half and make two small cuts in the middle - the perfect size for a lollipop to slip through.  Decorate and write a message.  Give it to your special Valentine :)

Make flowers, lips, hearts, mustaches, etc. out of card stock and punch a hole in the middle - stick your lollipop through.  When the lollipops (and shapes attached) are in their mouths, the kids will have quite the laugh!!

Heart pouches are adorable!. Simply, cut out hearts from construction paper, write the words, "heart breaker" on each heart, and staple the bottom half together.  Put m&m's in the heart - close it off by stapling the rest together.  When they break it open to get their treats, they are considered the heart breaker.  

Ever heard of, jar of hearts?  Well, this is a jar of bugs.  Cut out the shape of jars from brown card stock or cardboard.  Write, "Happy Valentine's Day Love Bug," and glue a plastic bug (bees, ladybugs, spiders, grasshoppers, butterflies, flies, etc.), in the middle of your jar.  You can find these bugs at your local Dollar Store.

Valentine's Day can be slightly geared more towards the females, so it was nice to find this little gem.  Most boys just love Star Wars, so try this craft  All you have to do is print out a Star Wars character holding his arm out - cut 2 incisions above and below his hand and poke a glow stick through the slits - this becomes his lightsaber.  The boys will love getting this special Valentine!

Super cute idea!  Cut brown card stock into little cards.  Cut out a circle on the front of the card using a large hole punch.  Glue a googly eye where the hole is (it will be glued to the inside of the card).  Next cut out a heart and put it just below the eye.  After that, write the word, "you" on the bottom, just below the heart.  The message reads "I love you!"


I came across these fun game crafts in my research.  Valentine bean bag toss, heart tic-tac-toe, and candy tic-tac-toe.  I made all of these and my girls loved them!