Some of the most fun cocktails to make, and drink, are from Mexico.  That's the reason why the Cinco de Mayo party is one of our favorites to host.  On this page you will find great cocktail recipes and learn how to make a drink look like the Mexican flag.  We've also included a list of popular Mexican beers to help you choose what you will serve for Cinco de Mayo. 
Mexican FLAG

Mexican flag drink

     •  1/3 Tequila blanco
     •  1/3 grenadine
     •  1/3 creme de menthe

Pour tequila in a glass until it is 1/3 full.  Then pour in the grenadine, it will sink to the bottom of the glass, providing nice separation.  Finally, pour the creme de menthe slowly on top with the glass tilted.  You will end up with the colors of the Mexican flag.


Tequila sunrise
     •  4 oz. Orange Juice
     •  1 1/2 oz. Tequila
     •  1/2 oz. Grenadine
     •  Ice
     •  Orange slice

1.  Fill a glass with ice.
2.  Pour Orange juice and tequila into a martini shaker with ice and shake.
3.  Pour mixture into glass until almost full.
4.  Tilt glass and pour grenadine so it sinks to the bottom.
5.  Stir gently once to obtain the "sunrise" affect.
6.  Garnish with orange slice.



     •  2 oz. Tequila
     •  1 oz. Triple Sec
     •  1 oz. Lime juice
     •  Ice
     •  Lemon wedge

1.  Pour the coarse salt onto a plate or saucer.
2.  Moisten the rim of a margarita glass with the lime wedge and dip the glass into the salt
     until it coats the rim.
3.  Fill the glass with ice.
4.  Fill a martini shaker with ice and pour in the tequila, Triple sec and lime juice.
5.  Shake until the martini shaker is frosted with condensation.
6.  Strain the contents into the margarita glass and garnish with the lime.



A Cinco de Mayo party is not complete without the beer.  Here is a list of Mexican beer
for serving at your Cinco de Mayo party.
Corona beer                                          CORONA

     Has a light taste with little distinctness.  Has a little bit of spice
     on the front. Consequently, it pairs fairly well with a wide range
     of foods, particularly spicy ones.


Dos Equis beer                                          DOS EQUIS

     Smooth and rich, with a little caramel and no stale aftertaste as
     in some lagers.  Solid toasty malt flavors, but not sweet.  The
     hops balanced nicely, but the malt and grain dominate.  Clean,
     not heavy.


Modela beer                                           MODELO

     Sweet grainy taste, some light bitterness, light refreshing beer.


Negra Modela beer                      NEGRA  MODELO      

      Big on the malt bitterness with distinct ethanol notes.  Floral
     hops in the aftertaste.  Slight vanilla and toasted banana.  Malty
     with perhaps a little popcorn. Toasted bread malt.  Prevailing
     bitterness toward the end.


Sol beer                                            SOL

     The taste is mild, and has a lightly roasted barley flavor, with a
     dash of hop spice underneath.  Mouth-feel is light and watery,
     and Sol finishes rather crisp and refreshing.


Tecate beer                                          TECATE

     A mildly grainy malt profile with grass, corn, barely a hint of
     citrus, and a very mild bitterness.