Welcome to the Cinco de Mayo party ideas page!  Cinco de Mayo is one of the most fun parties to host with it's bright colors, rich culture, and lively music.  We've taken great care and dedication putting together the best ideas for throwing the best Cinco de Mayo party.  Decorating your home or backyard in a Mexican theme can be so much fun.  The bright colors, terracotta pottery, and tropical flowers, are sure to make your guests feel like they truly are in Mexico!
 Start by sending out your invitations to your party.  Some fun examples are hot
      pepper, margarita, sombrero, maracas, nacho platter, taco, tile border, Mexican flag,
      sun, or cactus-shaped invites.  Throw some Mexican confetti into the envelope to
      make it fun and more enticing.

 Decorate using good quality balloons in the colors of the Mexican flag, green, white,
      and red.  You can also choose to do a more spicy look using red, orange, yellow, and
      green.  Do the same color scheme with streamers.  Some party stores sell crepe
      paper streamers with three colors all in one (i.e. top green, middle white, and
      bottom red).

 Hang a pinata from the ceiling in your home or from a tree outside.  There are
      various styles of pinatas: donkey, chili pepper, sun, cactus, and five point star.  Stuff
      the pinata with lots of candy and fun Mexican confetti.  Blindfold and spin the batter
      before he or she hits the pinata.

 Hang green, white, and red paper lanterns around your party room or yard.

 Hang chili pepper fiesta lights.

 Hanging a chili pepper wreath or chili pepper ristras from your front door will give
      your guests a warm Mexican welcome.  Ristras are chili peppers that are tied on a
      string and are hung vertically on a wall or door.   

 String dazzling banners of bright-colored papel picado.  This is a artistic technique
      using tissue paper (folded a number of times and cut into elaborate designs using a
      chisel or small, sharp scissors).

 There is no item that people associate more with Mexico than a Mexican blanket. 
      Their vibrant colors will add some Mexican flare to your home or yard.  Hang them on
      walls, drape them off your couch, use them as rugs.  If your party is outdoors hang
      them along your backyard fence.

 Candles are very symbolic to the Mexicans.  To light them around ones home is an
      ancient tradition, and one that continues to be used today.  Place white or ivory
      pillar, altar, or ball beeswax candles on tables, in bathrooms, kitchens, dining and
      living rooms, on fireplace mantels, or around your yard (if your party is outdoors).

 For a true Mexican feel at your party, decorate with terracotta pots, plates, and wall

 Display exotic floral arrangements in various rooms of your home or backyard.  Some
      colorful, fragrant, and eye-catching flowers are: Bird of Paradise, Heliconia (similar
      to Bird of Paradise), Hybiscus, Orchid, Anthurium, Amaryllis, Calla Lily, Mexican
      Honeysuckle, White Laelia, Dahlia Pinnata, Mexican Sunflower, Morning Glory, Ginger,
      Plumeria, Frangipani, and Gardenia.

 Place mini sombreros on tables and larger ones hanging from the wall.

 Put up some grass umbrellas, outdoors or indoors (if you have the space).

  For a more traditional look, display bronze animal accents and sunfaces around your
       home or backyard.  Do the same with tin and folk art.  There are tin candleholders,
       wall sconces, decorative mirrors, embossed rustic picture frames, engraved crosses,
       shadow casting luminarias, and candle lanterns available in various Mexican or party

 When decorating your dinner table, lay down a light Mexican blanket.  Put a couple
      of bright, hand-painted lizards on either side of the table.  As a centerpiece, place a
      tropical flower arrangement, or small cactus plants in terracotta pots.  Other fun
      centerpiece ideas are a Circle of Friends terracotta candleholder or a small bowl of
      red and green chili peppers.  Use white or ivory dinner plates, along with terracotta
      charger plates, if you so desire.  Use white/ivory napkins and put woven multicolor
      napkin rings around them.  If you don't want the hastle of doing dishes, there are
      also very realistic looking plastic dinner plates in both white and terracotta colors.

 Put corn bread in brightly colored hand woven Mexican palm baskets, and tortilla
      shells in tortilla baskets with attached lid.  Display your food on hand woven hot
      plate holders or placemats.  They also make hand woven coasters and vases.

  Have a salsa bar set up.  There are a number of sauces to display: pico de gallo,
       relleno sauce, arroz sauce, enchilada sauce, salsa verde (tomatillo sauce), chipotle
       sauce, salsa roja (tomato-based sauce), etc.

  Put out Mexican candy in colorful decorative plates and bowls.  Use terracotta
       plates/bowls for a more simple look.

  When serving drinks, add some flair by using Mexican handblown bubble glass with
       colored rims.  They make margarita, martini, cognac, highball, cocktail glasses,
       tumblers, and pitchers in all different colors.  Don't forget to add a vibrant paper
       umbrella to each drink and garnish with fresh fruit.

 Have Mexican music playing in the background, or if you can, hire a Mariachi band.  

 If possible, hire dancers to perform the various traditional dances of Mexico.

 Place your computer or laptop in a corner of a room so it's not too distracting for
      your guests.  Play some Mexican-themed movies like The Three Amigos, The Mexican,
      Selena, El Mariachi, Desperado, or Once Upon a Time in Mexico.  You can also play
      some YouTube videos of Mexican dancers.  Try, Ballet Folklorico de Mexico de Amalia
      Hernandez - the videos are very fun, and rich in culture and talent.