A mother is selfless and nurturing. She spends her days caring and providing for her children and spouse. Her hard work and dedication can sometimes be taken for granted so it is important for us to appreciate her, everyday of course, but especially on Mother's Day. Show your unconditional love by throwing a party to honor this very special woman in your life, your mom.

Intimate Indoor Party or Outdoor Garden Party

  According to the National Restaurant Association, Mother's Day is the most popular
      day of the year to dine out.  So forget about going to a busy restaurant where they           don't even take reservations.  Have an intimate party at home.  You can do a                   brunch or dinner party indoors or outdoors (garden party).

  Start by decorating your home or backyard (if you're having an outdoor party) with           all your moms favorite things.  Display her favorite flowers around the house or               yard. 
      Place her favorite scented candles on various tables, fireplace mantels, around               your deck, or garden.  Play a collection of her favorite music.  You can also use her         favorite color as a theme.  Hang a few balloons in this color.  

  You may be celebrating Mother's Day with a bunch of moms (your sister, sister-in-law,
      cousins, grandma) so you won't use the above theme as it is a one mom party. 
      Instead, you can decorate in a spring theme.  Use pastel colors - soft pinks, purples,
      blues, greens, and yellows.  Decorate table linens with one or two of these spring
      colors.  Use a pale pastel-colored silk tablecloth and a runner of the same color, but         a shade or two darker.  Wrap a colored ribbon around your napkins (put a flower on         top if you wish), and place them on white china plates, along with colored charger           plates (remember to use your color scheme).  For table decor, wrap floral tape               around floral wire 2 or 3 times.  Glue small flowers (lilacs, hyacinths, dianthus, baby       roses, or lily of the valley), leaves, and tiny pearls to the taped wire.  Place the               floral decoration (in a half moon shape) a couple of inches from each charger plate.   
  Use a fresh bouquet of flowers as a centerpiece - yellow daffodils, pink or purple             tulips, pink roses, white daisy's, buttercups, or orchids.  For added color and beauty,       wrap a thick white lace ribbon and then a thin satin colored ribbon around the glass         vase.  You can also cut the stems off the flowers, leaving only a couple of inches,             and completely submerging the flowers in the water.  Another idea would be to use a       long wooden box and plant various flowers inside, this is especially fun if your party         is outdoors. 
      Place little decorative birds (finch, hummingbirds, chickadees) inside the flower box
      and sitting on leaves.  Find pinecones, pine branches, leaves, moss, bunchberries or
      red currants, and other things you find in nature to decorate your patio table and
      outdoor party area.    

  Sprinkle gemstones, diamonds, or pearls on the dinner or patio table, as well as on         the coffeetable, console, fireplace mantel, in the bathroom, etc.  You can also               lightly twist some white organza on top of your fireplace mantel, and place the gems       or small lowers (or flower petals) around the organza.  Do this on ledges, your                 console table, sofa table, hutch, deck (if your party is outdoors), etc.

  Place bouquets of flowers around your home or yard.  Try stargazer lilies, yellow
      daffodils, white daisies, pink or purple tulips, roses, and gerberas.

  Gather various pictures of your mother - start from when she was a baby until the           most recent photos you have of her.  If you are hosting a party for more than one             mom, ask their families for an assortment of photos.  Glue or tape the photos to a           large bristol/poster board and decorate with real flowers (hyacinths,
      mini carnations, orchids, mini roses, buttercups, lilacs, dianthus, lilies of the valley),       and little decorative birds (hummingbirds, cardinals, bluejays, chickadees, warblers,       swallows, woodpeckers, and grosbeaks are all pretty and colorful).  You can also             decorate using butterflies, dragonflies, ladybugs, or whatever your mother really             likes.  Write short captions beneath each photo if you want.

  Instead of using a poster board filled with photos, you can make your own                       homemade picture frames.  Diane Henkler,, offers a fun             idea on "How-To Decorate a Frame with a Vintage Necklace."  If you don't have the           time to make your own frames, buy some inexpensive antiqued ones.  Put pictures of       your ancestors in these frames - all the mother's in your blood line.  Try and go as far       back as you can. 
      Place these frames on a table or along your fireplace mantel.  You can also place             them around your flower centerpiece as well.  

Mother's Day Spa Party

  Instead of celebrating Mother's Day with the traditional brunch or dinner party, do           a spa-themed party!  Create a relaxing and peaceful environment for your mom, turn
      your home into a day spa.  Invite all her friends over for a manicure, pedicure, and
      facial.  Spoil her even more by having a massage therapist come to your home.  Your
      mom will never have felt so pampered in all her life!  

  Start by creating a tranquil lounge and work area in your home.  You can use your
      living or dining room to create this day spa.  

  Use soothing colors like green (sage, olive, jade, or moss), blue (ocean, aquamarine,
      or turquoise), or tan.  

  Put thick, soft rugs on the floor.  Position your comfy chairs and couch around the
      room - cover them with white sheets for protection, as well as for creating the spa
      look.  Have silk or satin pillows (with hand beaded ribbon fringe trim) resting on the
      chairs and couch.  

  If you can, incorporate a tabletop or wall fountain to your decor - the sense and             sounds of nature, of the water trickling, resonates a calming effect.  The ladies will         most definitely feel invigorated and renewed standing next to falling water.  

  For style and class, hang mirrors with beautiful antique designs.

  Lighting plays an important part in creating a relaxing atmosphere - use soft subdued
      accent lights to make the ladies feel relaxed.

  Set up a coffeetable and put a decorative tray or bowl with colored stones or                    candles on top - use your soothing blues or greens as a color scheme.  

  Nature calms and energizes us, so display lush green plants around your lounge area
      (on the floor, tables, and the ceiling) - fern, majesty palm, bamboo, and bonsai               trees. 
      Decorate with real or silk tropical flowers in delicate vases - use Bird of Paradise,
      Heliconia, Hybiscus, Orchid, Anthurium, Amaryllis, Calla Lily, Morning Glory, Ginger,
      Plumeria, Frangipani, and Gardenia.    

  Decorate your spa area with lightly scented candles.  Popular spa scents include             ocean, rain, green tea, and sandalwood - these scents are not too overpowering, and       give you a feeling of calmness and tranquility.  You can also try soothing scents like         lavender, vanilla, eucalyptus, or chamomile.

  Set up an area that will be the manicure/pedicure station, and the facial station.           Have a massage station if you're including the service.

  Have soft hand towels and face cloths set up on a multi-tray trolley.  Also, make sure
      your needed supplies for the manicure, pedicure, and facial are organized on the

  Play calming spa music in the background.  Anitra Brown from discusses
      her top 10 favorite spa music CD's.  Here are the titles:

      1.  Spirit of Yoga
      2.  Nada Himalaya
      3.  Wave Hands Like Clouds
      4.  Musical Massage
      5.  Ocean of Peace
      6.  Garden of Peace
      7.  Ayurveda Moving in Time
      8.  Tranquility
      9.  Letting the World Go By
     10. Tantric Heart

  When the ladies first arrive, have big fluffy terry cloth robes and soft cozy slippers
      waiting for them.  This will evoke feelings of comfort and pampering, and make               them feel as though they have truly entered a luxurious day spa.
  Put out a pitcher of water with cucumber slices, or a mix of cucumber, lemon,
      spearment, and fresh ginger.  It's quite refreshing!  

  Prepare a variety of tea sandwiches (cucumber and cream cheese, smoked salmon,         and turkey triangles with the crust cut off).  Display the sandwiches on a blue or             green tray with matching napkins.  Later bring out some fresh fruits and some                 cookies or cupcakes.

  If you've never performed a spa service before, the sites below will give you step by
      step instructions on how to do a spa manicure, pedicure, and facial at home: