Traditionally, St. Patrick's day is celebrated in a crowded, noisy pub, filled with drunk people.  Why not fill your house with noisy drunk people instead.  Try hosting a St. Patrick's day Party with all your friends using these ideas.

  Start by sending out your party invitations.  Try Leprechaun, shamrock, or pot of gold
Decorate your home with green balloons, streamers, shamrock lights, hanging
      ceiling decor,
hanging Irish clover swirls, a banner, and, of course, Irish flags!  Have
      some green candles lit
on tables and fireplace ledges.
  Have party favors displayed on a table. Shot glass bead necklaces, pins, Leprechaun
      hats (with red beards attached), deely boppers, green garters, noisemakers, tatoos, etc.

  Make your kitchen the Irish pub.  Dress it up with the above mentioned decorations. 
      Have a drink table set up so you can serve your guests promptly without having to do
      much running around.  Have a drink bucket for beer set up next to the table so you
      don't have to go into the fridge everytime.

  Play some fun and lively Irish party music - that will definitely set the mood.  Anything
      with the bagpipes, fiddle, and flute are good choices.  The Chieftans have some fun
      traditional party songs.  You can also set up your laptop or portable DVD player
      somewhere (kitchen, bathroom, etc.) and have Riverdance playing in the background.

  If you plan on serving dinner, or finger/pub style foods, decorate the table with a green
      table cover and some confetti.  Place a bouquet of green carnations or gerberas in a
      shallow vase as the centerpiece.  You can even cut the stems off the flowers and have
      them floating in a shallow bowl of green water (using green food coloring).  Have a
      flower-filled vase or bowl on your console table in your foyer as well.

  In your bathroom, you can hang decorative green or patterned hand towels.  In the
      kitchen, do the same with tea towels.

  Use plain green or fun decorative (i.e. shamrock, Leprechaun, or pot of gold) napkins,
      cups, and plates (you can use paper or disposable plastic plates).  Use green plastic
      knives, forks, and spoons.

  Have a snack ready on the table so people have something to munch on before the
      dinner/finger foods come out.  A fun one a combination of trail mix and Lucky Charms

  Put out a vegetable appetizer tray of greens - celery, brocolli, cucumber, spinach dip,
      asparagus, green beans, and green peppers (fun tip: if you slice the pepper widthwise,
      you get a shamrock or four leaf clover - slice lengthwise and you get the stem).

  Another appetizer would be cucumber and Philadelphia cream cheese sandwiches (cut
      with shamrock cookie cutters).

  Dress the part, wear green!   T-shirts, pants, green kilts, green plaid clothing, socks,
      hats, shoes, - whatever you can find.

  You will want to serve some traditional Irish food at your party - try some of the
      recipes below.  Remember to serve your dishes with green sides - spinach, brocolli,
      green beans, green peppers, asparagus, leafy greens, rice with parsley, green mashed
      potatoes (using food coloring), etc.