Dips are perfect for Super Bowl - especially what you can do decoratively with them.  For example, you can turn your dip into a football field by drawing out the yard lines.  Place vegetables, such as tomatoes in the middle of the field to represent the football players, or if you have actual little football figurines, use them.  Another idea: make it look like more of a playbook and draw x's, o's, and lines on the field.  Don't forget to add pita or chip footballs to dip with.

Fresh soft pretzels are a delicious appetizer and taste great with beer.  Dip them into hummus, mustard/honey mustard dipping sauce, beer cheese sauce, or marinara sauce.

If potato skins are wrong, I don't wanna be right.  They are so yummy and are an absolute must at my
Super Bowl parties.  You can't go wrong with potato, bacon and sour cream.....mouthwatering.

Individual bean dips are a great idea - you don't have to reach across to dip, then drop some on the way back to your mouth.

Simple recipe: turn deviled eggs into little footballs by cutting green onion or chives into small pieces and using them to create the footballs laces in the middle of the egg.

Chili in a bread bowl, or should I say, chili in a 'football' bread bowl.  This is a clever idea - I used to buy the chili in a bread bowl at Tim Horton's (which they don't make anymore!), so when I saw this it brought back memories of delicious chili soaking through soft, fluffy, bread.  I remember breaking off pieces of bread with a hint of sauce - then when the chili was all gone, I still had the bread, flavoured with chili sauce to continue my enjoyment.

Make a cracker platter and top it off with ham or a spread, and some cheese.  Cut the cheese and meat/spread into a football, and make laces out of dressing (ranch).

Make mini sausages in bread (like pigs in blankets), and add football laces cheese topping.  It's a great appetizer or finger food, if you choose not to make a heavy meal.

Use your food as decor - this watermelon football helmet is a very creative and fun way to display your fruit salad.  My husband is the artist in the family so I'll have him carve this up for our Super Bowl party.

This is an interesting dish - a fruit pizza with an oatmeal mixture crust.  Seems like the perfect dessert for Super Bowl.  Not overly sweet, I know my lady friends would love to try a piece of this.

Put together a veggie and pumpernickel platter.  Cut the pumpernickel bread into mini footballs and use ranch dressing to create the laces.   

Can't go wrong with meat at Super Bowl, right?  Chicken wings, in my opinion, are best for this occasion.  Football and wings just go together, like white on rice.  Don't forget to add the veggies - carrot and celery sticks, and ranch or blue cheese dressing to dip.  

I don't normally barbecue in the winter, but don't let the cold get in the way if you really want to serve ribs, burgers, hotdogs, or beer can chicken.  They would be perfect for Super Bowl.  Turn the hamburger meat into a football and use mayonnaise or cheese to make the laces - same goes for hotdogs.

When I think of Super Bowl, I picture eating a bowl of chili with a nice soft dinner roll on the side.  Imagine the flavours of tomatoes, red kidney beans, ground beef, red peppers, jalapeno peppers, onions, garlic, Worcestershire sauce, and button mushrooms - all melded together to create succulent goodness!  Yes!

Make a pizza for your Super Bowl party - easy to prepare and not a very messy meal.  Cluster pepperoni in the middle of the pizza to create a football and use cheese to make the laces.

Sandwiches are great for parties - we always do them for our kids birthdays and other family functions.  If you don't want to make them, Subway caters for a reasonable price.  Saves you a lot of stress in the end.

Sloppy Joes is a quick and easy meal to prepare, not to mention, full of flavour.  This particular recipe is a little more gourmet and calls for a combination of ground beef and veal, red bell peppers and mushrooms.  Its luscious taste will have your Super Bowl guests coming back for more.


It may be a little messy, but its a great finger food idea for your Super Bowl party - you can't go wrong with nachos.  Use anything from cheese, tomatoes, cilantro, green onion, red pepper, sour cream, beef, pulled pork, to beans.  Nachos are a favourite among my friends so I like to do them up, along with my chili.


Ok, tacos could definitely get pretty messy, but isn't it worth it?  Just keep your plate on your lap and real close to you.  This is one of my favourite dishes so I must make it for Super Bowl.  I will still make chili, of course, but variety is the spice of life, right?

Bacon and cheese potato nachos, ummm....yes please!!!  Never tried it, but I will now.  This looks amazing, and though I may not be able to predict the winner of the Super Bowl, I do predict that my party guests will love this dish.  I think  the football hash browns would be a hit as well, can you tell I love potatoes? ;)


Below are my two favourite dishes to serve at my annual Super Bowl party, just click on the image to get the recipe.