Here are a few of my favourite Super Bowl party invitations.  Stick with the classic football look - browns and greens.


Make your Super Bowl party invitation a preview of what's to come at your house for the big game - entice your friends with pictures of food, beer, and, of course, football!  Use your own photos of previous years parties, or just get some from the Internet.

Choose an invitation that shows the Super Bowl logo for that year, as well as the teams that are competing.

Stick with something simple - a football or a football field invitation.

These are some more creative invitations I came across on the Internet.  I especially like the ones that depict football game tickets - I think they are sure to excite your friends.

Having the stadium as the focal point of your invitation is a great way to show your spirit, and class.

The Super Bowl is a very exciting time in our house - I just love having our friends over, watching the game (and American commercials!), sharing some laughs, and eating our famous chili!  But, not only that, I love to decorate for the big event.  I like to keep it simple - a couple of balloon bouquets, as well as some streamers (the colours of the teams) are displayed in the main party room.  Decorative Super Bowl paper plates, bowls, and napkins are placed on the table, along with a collection of Super Bowl ceramic serving dishes that I've collected over the years.

Simplicity is for me, but it isn't for everyone.  Check out the fun Super Bowl decorating ideas in the above photo collage.  Make your food and drink part of the decor - have sliders perched on top of beer-filled glasses and top them off with mini football flags.  You can try this with hotdogs but I'm not sure how messy that would get.  Use labels to display your different food items - especially in the case of this, chocolate-covered bacon?  Your guests may wonder what you're serving, and this way, they don't have to ask since it's labelled.  

Have your kids help with the set-up by hand-making some of the decorations.  They can create team flags, jersey's, labels, drink holders, etc.  More craft ideas are discussed in the Super Bowl Crafts and Games section.

Use your imagination - cut out some artificial turf and wrap it around beer bottles or cans - it'll keep your drink cold and feel nice against your hand.  You can even use the turf to create a football field table cloth -  add the football markings (yards) using white duct tape.  Chica at uses artificial turf to make a football field rug - hey, why not have a football game of your own at half time using your field rug!  
Make your own referee jersey beer cozy and hang whistles from the bottle neck.  You can also do this with football player jerseys - create your own mini football helmet with Styrofoam balls and stick it on the top of the bottle.  If you have some piping lying around the house, paint it white and create a mini goal post.  Place it in a galvanized bucket filled with ice and beer (or pop).

Like my collection of ceramic football serving dishes, bowls, and my latest Christmas gift - football-shaped salt and pepper shakers - try and rummage through your cupboards to find anything NFL/football related, and use it to decorate for the big game.  I like the football field crock pot in the photo collage - I'm not sure if this was a sticker, but if you can't locate anything football-themed in your home or at the store, use the sticker idea.  Just stick them onto bowls, cups, serving platters, etc.

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Again, I love the artificial turf as a decorating tool - it just screams football.  Instead of decorating using the team colours, stick with this traditional decor - green, brown, yellow, and white - its a classic look and you don't have to buy new decorations every year.

Football banners, referee striped walls, and football dessert labels are obvious Super Bowl party decor - but its all about the way it's displayed.  Simple, organized, and not over-doing the decorations is key (or its starts to look a little tacky). 

You can decorate using the classic football look (brown and green), the colours of both teams, or just pick your favoured team to win, and go all out.  The example above shows the Steelers and Colts - use the team symbol and colours wherever you can - on desserts, plates, labels, balloons, streamers, etc.

Love this idea - grow your own grass in a long rectangular dish and position football players, referees, and goal posts in the grass - it's your very own football field and NFL game!  Place it in the middle of your dinner table, it would make a great centerpiece. 

Football flags and banners add a nice simple touch to fireplace mantles, as does an explosive centrepiece.

Go for that vintage football era look by using pieces of two-by-fours or other scrap wood to create a frame. The more aged it looks, the better - so if the wood is chipping, choose that piece!  Add small chalkboards with messages on them, or even football flags of the Super Bowl teams competing that year.  Finish off with an artificial turf banner (with felt footballs in between), draped across your frame.  This football work of art is rustic and sure to impress your guests and bring on the team spirit.  Go team go!


I found some more artificial turf covering ideas - it's not just for bottles, place them around cans too.
Cover empty bean cans with turf and put cutlery, napkins, or even flowers inside.  
Use turf as table cloths, and burlap too!  Love the idea of burlap - its unique and outdoorsy - I definitely think football when I see this table. 

Love, love, love, this idea!  Instead of plates, bowls, and other dishes, use paper bags for serving snacks - saves you from doing dishes and creating too much garbage.  I think the guys would love this - it's so simple, they could set this up in minutes.  Don't stop there - use brown paper (with football field yard markings) to cover the table as well.


These are a few of my favourite Super Bowl table displays.  Include both teams when decorating and let your guests choose which beer cozy, flag, or food item (labelled by specific team) they want.  Be careful though, this may start a fight!  Just kidding ;)


If you want to please the males as well as the females at your Super Bowl party, give them both a bit of eye candy.  Fill beer cozies, mugs, and bottles with flowers, and display them on the party table as a centrepiece.  Or maybe your party is all ladies - I think they would definitely appreciate this.  For an added and decorative touch, sprinkle football confetti, and spread bead necklaces (the colours of the teams competing) all around the table.  Oh, and don't forget the galvanized bucket filled with bottles of beer - this is a must - I love the way it looks, and it keeps your beer cold and close ;)

Here are some fun football items to use for your Super Bowl party.  Last year I purchased some football lanterns and hung them around the party room and the kitchen where the guests helped themselves to our delicious chili.  Everyone commented on how much they liked them and wondered where they could purchase their own.  Party City, if anyone is wondering ;)

Use your imagination - find a soup or bean can, paint it brown, then add white for the laces - it makes for a very creative football container to hold utensils or napkins for your Super Bowl Bash.

A football glass - very cool for your party if you can find one.  Make it look like a real football by filling it with chocolate milk for the kids - they'll get a 'kick' out of it ;)

I love these Super Bowl gift boxes.  I don't usually send my guests home with anything but this makes me want to do it from now on - the kids would love it!  Fill it with mini footballs, referee whistles, football necklaces, hand clappers, glow sticks, team flags, and football chocolates.