Valentine's Day is most commonly celebrated with a romantic dinner for two, maybe a movie afterwards, or even a nights stay at a hotel.  Doing the same thing every year may be getting a little redundant - so why not try a Valentine's Day party with some of your closest 'couple' friends.  Start by sending out some enticing invitations.  Try using photographs or images from the Internet - create a collage of delicious food and desserts, tasty drinks and appealing decor.  How could they resist?  

One word: chocolate.  It's the perfect image to splash across your party invites.  I know if I saw this, I would definitely attend.  Sweets are the way to a woman's heart ;)

If you aren't in a relationship, throw an anti-Valentine's party with some other single friends.  Use the ever-popular vampire theme.  Love Bites - love this invite, its bloody great! 

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Wedding Paper Divas
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Hearts, hugs and kisses (xoxo), and desserts, are a most fitting invitation design for Valentine's Day.  Just go with it!

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Geared towards the teenage couples, this invitation is perfect for celebrating young love.  'Love Rocks' is modern and cool, the kids will love it.  

Martini glasses filled with hearts are sweet and unique invitations - and even sweeter is the couple holding hands ready to display their love at your party! 

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I love decorating for Valentine's Day. The hearts, flowers, treats, messages of love - they are just so romantic, sweet, positive, and inspiring.  Little touches of love can be displayed in so many ways: rose petals spread about on your table; fresh or hand-made flowers in vases as your centrepiece; a table runner with the words, 'love, be mine, sweetheart, passion, Valentine' etc. can be sewn or drawn on; pillow hearts adorning chairs or walls; and using sweet treats as decorative pieces on your table or plates.

Have a dessert or drink table set up somewhere in your party room or kitchen.  Use pretty labels to identify treats on containers - Catch My Party has some really fun and pretty free printables.  Decorate with lots of reds and pinks - table cloths, utensils, flowers, and balloons.  Place bunches of balloons on either side of the table.  You can even fill 10 to 20 balloons with helium, have pretty ribbons hanging from them, and let them loose on the ceiling - this is a great effect.   

You can decorate your table using the traditional centrepiece idea of flowers in a vase - or go for something different like this XOXO sign - very creative.  If you'd like to avoid the clean-up after the party is over, use disposable plates, utensils, and cups - I just bought them from the Dollar Store, and they're just lovely.

This is a cute napkin holder, and easy to make yourself - just string a piece of pink or red ribbon through a button (or just glue the button right on the ribbon), and tie it around your napkin - sweet and simple!

Love this Valentine's Day party place setting for the kids.  For a table runner, use a long narrow roll of white paper, just a bit longer than the length of your table.  Next, using card stock, cut out x's and o's, hearts, or flowers, and spread along the runner.  Also, place markers or crayons in the centre of the table and have the kids write sweet words or messages of love on the Valentine's runner.  As a centrepiece, fill a glass jar with Sweethearts, or conversation candy.  
Sew tic tac toe lines on a place mat and have the kids use the x's and o's to play a game.  
Cut a napkin in the shape of a heart, then cut out two small lines in the middle of the napkin.  Poke a fork through - glue an arrow at the end of the fork.  
I like the idea of using a mason jar for kids - its casual and unique.  Fill it with Neilson's strawberry-flavoured milk, or a strawberry milkshake.  Finish off with a red, pink, heart, or striped straw.  You can even decorate the straw with straw tags

Hearts, hearts, hearts - use them everywhere for your Valentine's Day party!  Hearts on banners, hearts hanging from ribbons on a picture frame, hearts sewn on pillows or blankets, hearts made of roses or rose petals.  Wherever you can, find a place for a...♥!

I'm not a big fan of pink but I like this ensemble - so clean and refreshing.  I adore the pretty in pink tulips, but most of all, the pink galvanized bucket in the antique bird cage - how very creative!

It's the colour of passion and love: red - and it's my favourite to use for decorating for Valentine's Day (especially the deeper shades).  Burlap and beautiful patterns are used to create this hand-made banner, strewn across the fireplace mantel.  A scarlet picture frame surrounding a black and white photograph - great contrast.  And I'm loving the message, "Every love story is beautiful, but ours is my favourite."  This is my favourite mantel decor.

Different shades of grey and red or grey and pink go great together.  Use them to decorate for your Valentine's Day party, and incorporate stripes and polka dots in these colours.

Use lots of frames to decorate your fireplace mantel and tables.  Place pictures of you and your partner in the frames, or make a craft out of it with card stock or cloth.  Cut out little hearts of different patterns and glue them on a piece of white or black card stock - put it in the frame.  If you have a drawn picture or a doodle that you or your partner made at some point in your relationship, you can frame that.  It can even be an experience of some sort, like a ticket stub to a concert, amusement park, or movie.

This is a true Valentine's Day mantel.  The crimson candles, 'Be Mine' sign, rose heart, and heart banner are tastefully presented - a stunning display for a Valentine's Day party.

Use your words to display love.  Bird's Party has some free printables you can print out, or just use your imagination and make your own with card stock, markers, ribbon, stickers, and glitter.

Buy some Valentine's cards or just recycle old ones if you have them.  Simply cut them into heart shapes, hole punch them at the top, and tie a ribbon.  Use them to make a home-made banner.  This is a great craft for kids.

Cut branches from trees and place them in a vase - paint them or leave them au naturel.  Hang various Valentine ornaments, home-made or bought, from the branches.  This can go near a window, on a console table, a fireplace mantel, or used as a centrepiece on your dinner table.

I just though these plush pillow hearts with buttons were cute - make your own and hang them on your wall.

What a beautiful wreath.  Berries surrounding a frame with the words and musical notes of 'Love Is All You Need' - and a touch of class with lace flowers and unique buttons - how imaginative.  

The burlap banners are one of my favourite decor pieces.  So simple but so pretty.  The red hearts against the white fence is especially eye-catching.  I would definitely hang these up for my Valentine's Day party.  They would look great against the white snow covering my house right now!

Candles and Valentine's Day just go together.  Try to find heart-shaped ones, or ones with words of love - they will really set the mood and atmosphere for your Valentine's party.

More candles...

And more candles - can you tell I really like candles?

Wrap a ribbon, or create a little heart banner, to put around some candles - it's a pretty effect and your guests are sure to comment and compliment.  You can even glue some hearts onto plain white candles - the kids can help.

Use candles as party favours - your guests can take home a special Valentine's candle with sweet messages or romantic images.

Conversation heart stickers are the perfect way to show your party guests the true meaning of Valentine's Day - glue them on candles and finish off with a piece of twine.


In my research, I came across these really gorgeous Valentine's Day rose wreaths and just had to share them with you.  The last image can be a centrepiece for your table as well - so pretty!

Don't forget to send your guests off with some Valentine's Day party favours as they head out the door.  Place red, pink, or white jelly beans, gummy bears, M&M's, cookies, or Hershey's kisses, in little organza bags - there are some really pretty ones at Dollarama (I just bought some with hearts all over).  

You can also purchase long plastic tubes, glass/plastic jars, or Valentine's galvanized buckets to package treats for your favours.

I just love the cherries party favours - very sweet and creative!  Place them in red Valentine's galvanized buckets and hand them out to your guests - the kids will love them, I know my girls would!

Print out labels for heart-shaped lollipops and wrap some pink or red ribbons around them.  

I remember Pop Rocks as a kid.  It's nice to bring the retro candies back - your guests will appreciate it as well, and it'll be a good conversation piece.  Definitely a sweet treat for the little ones as well - the popping gets the kids laughing every time!

Homemade chocolate treats are always a hit - its nice to show how much effort you put into your Valentine's Day party.  Wrap them in cellophane and a ribbon, or put them in cute little cardboard containers - the purses are adorable!

For the kids, make these adorable paper cup party favours.  Simply use card stock or construction paper to create hearts, flowers, or little Cupid's - glue them onto the cup.  You can even write Valentine's words like 'Valentine, Love, Be Mine, Sweet, Sweetheart, Cutie Pie, For You,' etc.  Don't forget to add To and From!  Add pencils, erasers, markers, crayons, stamps, small toys, treats, etc.  

The treasure box and coin chocolates are imaginative and lovely!  I've seen little treasure boxes like these at Dollarama and Michaels.  I think I will be trying this for my Valentine's Day party this year.  Reuse the boxes as jewellery gift boxes for someones birthday, or give them to your kids to play with.

Another take home gift, hand-made by your kids - an arrow pencil poking through a heart (made from card stock/construction paper).  Who wouldn't want this gift from your little Cupid?





•  Roses - pink and red


•  Box of chocolates

•  Chocolate-covered strawberries or other fruit

Jewelry (buy heart-shaped if you desire)

•  Earrings

•  Necklace

•  Bracelet

•  Ring

•  Watch


•  Babydolls

•  Slips

•  Bustiers and garters

•  Kimonos

•  Corsets and teddies

•  Sleepshirts

•  Nighties

Love or Romance Kit

•  Bubble bath

•  Massage oil and lotion

•  Rose petals

•  Tea candles

•  Blindfold

•  Feather

Romance Novel (buy a bunch from her favorite genre and put it in a tote)

•  Harlequin or other popular novels

•  Shutterfly coffeetable book - send pictures of you and your partner online and 
    Shutterfly will create your love book

•  Kama Sutra or erotic books

•  Custom novel-create your own story with these cool new books where you and your  
    partner are the stars

Romance Film/Chick Flick


Make-Up (buy a few items and put it in a make-up organizer)

•  Lipstick

•  Lipgloss

•  Eyeshadow

•  Eyeliner

•  Mascara

•  Nail Polish


Cell Phone

Camera (some have Valentine’s themes available - pink, red, or covered in hearts)

Spa treatment package (a couples package for the two of you)

Romantic Getaway

•  Bed and breakfast or a hotel - plan special events for the day like a wine tour,       

   shopping, etc.

•  Ski lodge

•  Resort – somewhere hot like Mexico, Cuba, or the Dominican (all-inclusive 
    packages).  You can also go somewhere closer to home (they have weekend getaway 
    packages that include breakfast and dinner, use of indoor pool, jacuzzi, sauna, hiking 
    and biking trails, sports and fitness facilities, game rooms, spa services, etc.)


•  Cologne

•  Watch

•  Wallet

•  Chocolate – guys like chocolate too!

•  Cell phone

•  Camera

•  Video camera

•  Boxers

•  Liquor – buy him his favorite bottle

•  Cigars

•  Flat-panel LCD/LED HDTV

•  Sports/Concert tickets


Make your own homemade gift:

•  Mix CD/playlist

•  Photo collage of you and your partner

•  Painting/photo on canvas

  Cook a special meal (it can be breakfast in bed, or a candlelit dinner), or go out to   
    a restaurant (you can try someplace new, or where you went on your first date). 

•  Go to a museum, or the movies to watch a foreign film.  Afterward, go for a gelato 
cappuccino at a local coffee shop. 

•  If you’re married with children, try giving your partner some me time – let them do  
    whatever they want with their time while you look after the house and kids (a 
    bubble bath, reading a novel, a hobby, or absolutely nothing).